Defending Against False Domestic Violence Accusations in Seattle / Tacoma

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If you’re currently being accused of domestic abuse, you know how it can affect every aspect of a person’s life. It just doesn’t ruin your reputation; it can ruin your entire life. Your loved ones refrain from getting in touch with you, you might lose your job and fail to find another, and then it is the constant downward spiral straight to the bottom.

Why Are Domestic Violence Accusations So Powerful?

Well, to put it shortly, the general population frowns upon anyone who is accused of domestic violence. It doesn’t matter if they’ve seen any form of proof; they make up their mind that the person is nothing but a violent animal.

Being faced with domestic violence charges can be heartbreaking for most people. Usually, the alleged victims are close to the person that is charged with violence and this can really be overwhelming for them. We’ve seen quite a few clients that were incredibly frustrated because their name is being dragged in the mud because of some well thought-out plot designed by a person they loved and, in most cases, they still do.

Why Do People Make False Domestic Violence Accusations in Seattle / Tacoma?

Generally, the most typical reason would be that the person that’s pretending to be the victim is actually mentally unstable and needs help. But, there are quite a few other motives as well.

There’s always a chance that the accuser is set out to seek vengeance. If they think that you cheated on them or in some way insulted them, they might be out to destroy your entire life because of it.

And, the second most common reason would be in case of a divorce when there are children involved. Child custody proceedings are going to be pretty easy for the jury if one of the two spouses is accused of domestic violence. This is a strategy that a lot of people use and it can work wonders if the court believes their accusations.

You need to understand that the faster you can get why someone filed false charges against you, the faster you can get rid of them. Obviously, the best way to dismiss false domestic violence accusations is to contact one of our attorneys. But, before you do that, we’ll talk a bit about defending yourself against these allegations so your situation can become slightly perceivable.

How Can You Defend Yourself Against these False Accusations?

First of all, the best way to defend yourself is before the case actually starts. We can always tell when a relationship with someone is taking a bad turn, whether it is your spouse, girlfriend, or even your children. If you’re dealing with emotionally unstable people, you can expect that they’ll plan something impulsive to ruin your life. That’s just how their mind works. Revenge is their coping mechanism and there’s nothing you can do to rectify that. However, what you can do is start preparing for a possible trial. Let’s talk about everything you can do if you think your sour relationship could end in a court proceeding.

Consult a Legal Attorney in Seattle / Tacoma

There are attorneys specifically designated to dealing with domestic violence cases. Look for good attorneys in your area and go in-depth to explain your dilemma. Most Seattle / Tacoma firms offer free-of-cost consultations, so it’s a good idea to talk to one even if you don’t hire them. They can provide invaluable information regarding your situation, and this expert outlook might just save you from a possible conviction.

Protect Your Valuables

This is a common problem among the people that are accused of violence. They don’t know how far their loved ones can sink in the motive to destroy their reputation. You need to realize that there is a person that will go to great lengths to ensure a conviction. And, your documents like your driver’s license, birth certification, car titles and money are something they tend to steal. While it might not seem like much at the moment, missing these documents could be difficult for you down the road.

Talk to Your Friends and Family

As we said earlier, even being accused of domestic violence is good enough to destroy your relationship with the people you know. That’s why you need to come clean with them before anything happens. They’re going to know about your dysfunctional relationship with the alleged victim soon enough. It’s much better if they find out from you instead of the T.V. or the neighbors. You should explain your situation to them and tell them how they could get in a lot of trouble shortly. The whole motive of this point is to ensure that you are not alone in your struggle for your freedom. You’ll have people on your side to explain how unstable the alleged victim actually is.

Protect Your Login Information

Securing your social media accounts and cell phones is extremely crucial. We’ve seen a lot of cases where the alleged victim uses your phone to send themselves threatening messages. Since the court will not have any way to know that the texts are doctored and that will be groundbreaking for the victim’s case. So, make sure they have no way to show that you threatened them otherwise it won’t take long for the jury to decide that you are indeed guilty.

Closing Thoughts

This is all very complicated stuff and we won’t be surprised if you still can’t understand certain aspects of it. It is probably a very difficult time for you and you should know that there are people that could do wonders to improve your current situation. You can visit Horwath Law to consult with one of our experts or you could contact us online. We can assure you that you will understand the current scenario much more easily.